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Phasestream 4 - Cyberapocalypse 2021 CTF

· 3 min read

This is a writeup for the challenge Phasestream 4, part of the Hack the box's Cyberapocalypse CTF 2021, category Crypto.


The aliens saw us break PhaseStream 3 and have proposed a quick fix to protect their new cipher.


What we see here, is a direct continuation of the Phasestream 3 challenge. You should probably check out my write-up of that one, if you don't know the concept of repating keystream attacks.

Phasestream 3 - Cyberapocalypse 2021 CTF

The only main difference from this last challenge, is that we no longer have the test plaintext string readily available to us. But we still have its encrypted value in our output.txt

cat output.txt 2d0fb3a56aa66e1e44cffc97f3a2e030feab144124e73c76d5d22f6ce01c46e73a50b0edc1a2bd243f9578b745438b00720870e3118194cbb438149e3cc9c0844d640ecdb1e71754c24bf43bf3fd0f9719f74c7179b6816e687fa576abad1955 2767868b7ebb7f4c42cfffa6ffbfb03bf3b8097936ae3c76ef803d76e11546947157bcea9599f826338807b55655a05666446df20c8e9387b004129e10d18e9f526f71cabcf21b48965ae36fcfee1e820cf1076f65

The code of the encryptor itself hasn't changed other than not showing the test text.

from Crypto.Cipher import AES
from Crypto.Util import Counter
import os

KEY = os.urandom(16)

def encrypt(plaintext):
cipher =, AES.MODE_CTR,
ciphertext = cipher.encrypt(plaintext)
return ciphertext.hex()

with open('test_quote.txt', 'rb') as f:
test_quote =

with open('flag.txt', 'rb') as f:
flag =

But we do get the information, that the test string is a quote.


Well, our first steps of finding the solution are pretty much the same as in Phasestream 3:

  1. We XOR the two ciphertexts from output.txt together
  2. Since we know that our flag starts with CHTB{, we will XOR the result of 1. with it, to see the first letters of our quote.
#!/usr/bin/env python3

ciphertext1 = '2d0fb3a56aa66e1e44cffc97f3a2e030feab144124e73c76d5d22f6ce01c46e73a50b0edc1a2bd243f9578b745438b00720870e3118194cbb438149e3cc9c0844d640ecdb1e71754c24bf43bf3fd0f9719f74c7179b6816e687fa576abad1955'

ciphertext2 = '2767868b7ebb7f4c42cfffa6ffbfb03bf3b8097936ae3c76ef803d76e11546947157bcea9599f826338807b55655a05666446df20c8e9387b004129e10d18e9f526f71cabcf21b48965ae36fcfee1e820cf1076f65'

flagStart = b'CHTB{'.hex()

def xor(hex1, hex2, getAscii = False):
result = []

for ind in range(0, len(hex1), 2):
longIndex = ind
shortIndex = ind%len(hex2)
hexChar1 = hex1[longIndex:longIndex+2]
byte1 = int(hexChar1, 16)

hexChar2 = hex2[shortIndex:shortIndex+2]
byte2 = int(hexChar2, 16)

asciiNum = byte1 ^ byte2

out = ''.join(result)
if getAscii:
print('Result:', out)
return out
out = out.encode('utf-8').hex()
print('Result:', out)
return out

xored = xor(ciphertext2, ciphertext1)

startQuote = xor(xored, flagStart, True)
Result: 0a68352e141d1152060003310c1d500b0d131d38124900003a52121a010900734b070c07543b45020c1d7f0213162b56144c1d111d0f074c043c06002c184e1b1f0b7f070d150c1c541117543c13111515064b1e1c
Result: I alo^YD{@yX_+HEG_CQTBAZNCrC;EwDoyOU+@hUcV7^YIM|LhD{oPYdH7SOnOTSltGSnVN\g

So, from our analysis, we can see that the test_quote string starts with "I alo". I think it's easy to assume, that the first two words will be "I alone".


This one took a bit of research. We had to find a popular quote, which starts with "I alone". After a couple of tries, I found that to be a quote by Mother Theresa, which reads as follows:

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.

So, we can take our XOR result from step 1 of the analysis, and XOR it with this quote.

This gives us the flag to be as follows

Result: 0a68352e141d1152060003310c1d500b0d131d38124900003a52121a010900734b070c07543b45020c1d7f0213162b56144c1d111d0f074c043c06002c184e1b1f0b7f070d150c1c541117543c13111515064b1e1c
Result: CHTB{stream_ciphers_with_reused_keystreams_are_vulnerable_to_known_plaintext_attacks}