Kiril Panayotov Blagoev

A sailor turned physicist, turned software engineer, but forever an idealist.


Kiril P. Blagoev is a human, software engineer, physicist and person who posts stuff on the internet. Originally a mariner sailing around the world, Kiril now works from home, and travels into nature any time he decides to ponder about the universe, and humanity's place in it (which he does probably more often than he should).

Kiril writes blog posts on his personal blog kBlagoev.com, and constantly makes plans to finish his many other projects, which I'm sure he will one day get to.

On this page these ongoing or otherwise projects are shamelessly self-curated, in the hopes that they bring the joy of discovery to someone. If you find yourself engrossed in similar endeavours as the ones you've come upon here, don't forget to contact Kiril, or subscribe to his blog and share your opinions and own ideas on the subject of your interest.

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