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Inspector Gadget - Cyberapocalypse 2021 CTF

· One min read

This is a writeup for the Inspector Gadget challenge, part of the Hack the box's Cyberapocalypse CTF 2021, category Web.


Inspector Gadget was known for having a multitude of tools available for every occasion. Can you find them all?


We are given a url to a website, and upon opening it we see a big ol' CHTB{ slapped right in our faces.

ins gesicht

This clearly indicates, that we're facing a scavenger hunt. So, checking the HTML of the webpage, we find the next piece of the puzzle


Surprisingly, robots.txt doesn't give us anything useful, so we look into /static/js/main.js next.


Just to make sure, we check whether CHTB{1nsp3ction_us3full_1nf0rm4tion} is the flag, and unsurprisingly it isn't.

So, we logically check the css next, and open /static/css/main.css to find

/* c4n_r3ve4l_ */


We can now easily deduce, that our flag is