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Phasestream 2 - Cyberapocalypse 2021 CTF

· 3 min read

This is a writeup for the challenge Phasestream 2, part of the Hack the box's Cyberapocalypse CTF 2021, category Crypto.


The aliens have learned of a new concept called "security by obscurity". Fortunately for us they think it is a great idea and not a description of a common mistake. We've intercepted some alien comms and think they are XORing flags with a single-byte key and hiding the result inside 9999 lines of random data, Can you find the flag?


We have a file with 9999 lines of hex-encoded strings. We know so far, that one of these lines contain an encrypted flag, and that the flag is 1 byte long. We also know that the flag starts with CHTB.

This information gives us the following idea. We can loop through all 256 possible keys (in ASCII), and XOR the first 4 values of each line (8 symbols of each line, since it's encoded in hex). If that encoded string is CHTB, we've found both our key and our line which contains the flag.


Let's create a logic flow:

  1. Read a line from output.txt
  2. Take the first 8 characters of it, and transform them from hex into their ASCII codes
  3. XOR those 4 characters with one of 256 possible ASCII codes
  4. If we find that this equals CHTB, we've found our line and key
  5. We can now decrypt our line with the key we've found
#!/usr/bin/env python3

# Flag starts with CHTB which is 67 72 84 66 in ASCII or 0x43 0x48 0x54 0x42 in hex
# The key is 1 byte long

CHTB = [67, 72, 84, 66]

keys = [i for i in range(256)]

def findKeyAndLine():
with open('output.txt') as f:
foundKey = ''
foundLine = ''
for line in f:
candidateC = int(line[0:2], 16)
candidateH = int(line[2:4], 16)
candidateT = int(line[4:6], 16)
candidateB = int(line[6:8], 16)

for key in keys:
condition = candidateC ^ key == CHTB[0] and candidateH ^ key == CHTB[1] and candidateT ^ key == CHTB[2] and candidateB ^ key == CHTB[3]
if condition:
foundKey = key
foundLine = line[:-1]
print('Key:', foundKey, 'Line:', foundLine)
return {'key': foundKey, 'line': foundLine}

def decrypt(keyAndLine):
flag = []
key = keyAndLine['key']
line = keyAndLine['line']

for ind in range(0, len(line), 2):
hexChar = line[ind:ind+2]
byte = int(hexChar, 16)
asciiNum = byte ^ key

print('Flag:', ''.join(flag))


And so, we find our flag

Key:  69 Line:  060d11073e2b76762129761a742b1a711a2d713c363171262e38
Flag: CHTB{n33dl3_1n_4_h4yst4ck}