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Passphrase - Cyberapocalypse 2021 CTF

· 2 min read

This is a writeup for the Passphrase challenge, part of the Hack the box's Cyberapocalypse CTF 2021, category Reverse.


You found one of their space suits forgotten in a room. You wear it, but before you go away, a guard stops you and asks some questions.


We get a binary executable passphrase. Running file on it, we see that it's not stripped, so we might get some symbols and good things out of it.

file passphrase
passphrase: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib64/, for GNU/Linux 3.2.0, BuildID[sha1]=60f6b6064d2e34a2b6a24dda9feb943b0b8c360f, not stripped

Running strings on it we don't see much, but we notice that we will probably have to deal with strcmp, which is good.


So, let's just run the executable using ltrace, and see where that leads us.

ltrace ./passphrase
[omitted for brevity]
usleep(30000) = <void>
strlen("\nTell me the secret passphrase: "...) = 32
sleep(1) = 0

So far, so good - it asks us for input using fgets. Let's supply it something random.

"asd\n", 40, 0x7fbc87c48a00) = 0x7ffe594faca0
strlen("asd\n") = 4
strcmp("3xtr4t3rR3stR14L5_VS_hum4n5", "asd") = -46
printf("\033[31m") = 5
strlen("\nIntruder alert! \360\237\232\250\n") = 22
putchar(10, 0x7ffe594f85e0, 0x558a2ee00c17, 23
) = 10
usleep(30000) = <void>
[omitted for brevity]

Well, this was easy! It directly tells us that it compares the input string to 3xtr4t3rR3stR14L5_VS_hum4n5.To make sure, we run the binary again, and supply it that passphrase.


Halt! ⛔
You do not look familiar..
Tell me the secret passphrase: 3xtr4t3rR3stR14L5_VS_hum4n5

Sorry for suspecting you, please transfer this important message to the chief: CHTB{3xtr4t3rR3stR14L5_VS_hum4n5}

Easy, we got our flag, and it's