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Improvements and fixes are always welcome. If you see any unassigned issues, feel free to try them out.

Pull Requests

Make sure:

  1. The code compiles
  2. You can build it for at least Windows and Linux
  3. The code follows established conventions of the codebase
  4. Docs are updated with changes made


Should be as simple as npm install and npm start for running the dev app.

Build and Package

Always try and build and package with your changes


npm run make

Package Windows

npm run package -- --platform=win64

Package Linux

npm run package

Contributing to the docs

The docs use Docusaurus, and are mostly written in Markdown.

The docs can be run locally from the docs dir

$ cd push-fitnotes/docs/
$ npm start

After Docusaurus is up, you can view the docs in your browser under https://localhost:3000. After you make your changes, you should be able to view them in your local instance. After your changes have been merged, the live instance of the docs will be manually deployed by the pull request assignee.